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October's first Tuesday

October's first Tuesday

Today was the kind of autumn day that I dream about— but have rarely experienced, and I credit today’s magic to maternity leave :) Usually my Octobers are such a flurry of shoots I rarely have time to catchy my breath. Sessions start next week, though!

We started out our morning with some snuggles in the bed. P sleeps in a bassinet just outside our room now, but I brought her into bed with us when she woke up around seven. I’m giving praise for a great night last night: she went to be around 10pm and slept until 4am, ate quickly, then went back to sleep. So, so grateful. She’s done this a few times now and I’m praying it becomes a trend.

Seth left for work and Priscilla went down for her first morning nap. I had time to pump, work on laundry, make breakfast, and answer client emails. Glory!

We planned to meet Leah and little Judah for coffee around 11am and we made it just in time. I love the kid friendly coffee shops in Minneapolis :) Afterwards, Priscilla had her two month well baby visit. We have a very healthy, happy, and immunized girl on our hands. None of which I take for granted.

I do love a good Lifetime show. The new “You” is fantastic, the perfect entertainment while I fold a mountain of laundry. Trifling and silly, my favorite!


I have been terrible about meal planning, but felt determined to get on my game this week. Sunday, Seth and I planned and grocery shopped— we ended up with one of my favorite soups for tonight’s dinner. It’s incredibly easy, healthy, and filling {recipe here}.


Seth got home right as I finished up dinner and tidying up. I’m so grateful for these cozy slippers.


… and this perfectly darling, content girl…


Welcome October, I’m so glad you’re here!

Priscilla at two months

Priscilla at two months

a mama + me session by Kimi Coopet

a mama + me session by Kimi Coopet