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three month milestone session

three month milestone session

One of my new favorite pastimes is to scroll through my phone looking at brand new Priscilla photos. I marvel at how much she has changed, and I’m forever grateful for photography. I often worry that I am not capturing enough, but those first few weeks are so exhausting. Still, I’m glad I managed to get her newborn session captured and to take photos of her at five days old.

Shooting milestone sessions at my studio has always been something I’ve enjoyed doing for clients, and I love that we finally had some time to get Priscilla in.

My mom joined us for this session, and I’m only sad that I didn’t take any photos of the two of them.

I found this precious, antique blue smocked dress at a store in St. Augustine, Florida this spring while on a trip. It’s missing a snap in the back and feels almost too delicate to machine wash. I knew it would be the perfect dress for her to wear for this shoot… I just adore it and plan to hang it up in her nursery as a piece of decor once she outgrows it.


She’s so much more alert these days, more like a bigger baby and not a newborn. She loves to smile, take in the world around her, and can always be comforted by snuggles + nursing.

I’ve noticed that her hair has started to fall out :( we’re excited and anxious to see what comes in. I’m crossing my fingers for curls.

She’s getting some good rolls on her, and it’s pretty amazing to look at those and realize that I’m sustaining her and creating them. I love nursing, even if the beginning part of our journey was challenging. It feels so easy now and like I’ve been doing it my entire life.

She is this.close to rolling over and can roll from her side to back and back to side. She’s been sleeping with her arms out for a few weeks now and still loves her bassinet, though we plan on transitioning her to a crib soon. I do love having her close and spend lots of time just starting at her while she sleeps instead of sleeping myself ;)


Speaking of sleep, she’s doing so well! I’m nervous about this “four month sleep regression,” but I know it will be what it will be! Right now she sleeps a good 4-5 hour chunk at the beginning of the night, eats quickly, then sleeps again for another 1-3 hours. Last night she slept for 7 hours straight the very first time— I can’t believe it!

Seth and I like to talk about what she’s going to be when she gets big. Lately he’s settled on mountain guide in Alaska and I’m standing firm in my assumption that she’s going to be a trader on Wall Street and live in Manhattan.

She still loves to be outside, likes to watch TV with us, and has taken up an affinity for a furry throw blanket. At Three months she is so much fun and a total delight.


Priscilla Anne, we love you! Being your mother is the highlight of my life.

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an October weekend in Worthington

an October weekend in Worthington

Priscilla at three months

Priscilla at three months