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Christmastime with Priscilla {part one}

Christmastime with Priscilla {part one}

We’ve been doing well soaking up this holiday season and many “firsts” for Priscilla. My goal for this time of year has been to keep things calm {Priscilla thrives on routine}, meaningful, and simple. I don’t want to feel like the entire month of December has been running around. I’ve been craving a slower season for years, and I think I finally achieved it.

Thanksgiving weekend, we found a beautiful tree at the cutest little tree farm.

We got out the ornaments and Priscilla watched in awe as we decorated. I am so, so glad I had my camera close for this moment:

Mara hosted Christmas pajama sessions at her studio and squeezed us into her schedule. On the morning of our session Seth asked me where I was going in my pajamas, ha! I certainly got a few funny looks when I popped into the coffee shop next to the studio to pick up a bag of beans. Oh well ;)

Priscilla is just starting to show an interest in toys. We were given this fun Elf on the Shelf doll by Seth’s aunt about a year ago and I took it out casually, thinking she wouldn’t care much about it. To my surprise, she seems to love it, and especially likes gnawing on the cap. I know people don’t let their kids touch these dolls, but we’re just doing things our own way :) She loves her little elf!

We’ve been putting together Priscilla’s nursery and much to our delight she enjoys sleeping in her crib. Thank you, Jesus! She’s been taking most of her naps in there, and a few days ago we started her in there at night. Fingers crossed, but she’s been doing 3-5 hours in her nursery and then finishing out the night after a feeding in her bassinet in our bedroom. I love how cozy it is in there. I’m looking forward to finishing getting organized so I can decorate. This has been a LONG time coming.


This weekend we spent Saturday doing a handful of fun things. We went out to brunch at our favorite neighborhood coffee shop:

Then visited the Christmas Holidazzle market at Loring Park. We missed you, dad! This was my second time to the new market and I love it. I’m so glad these are now a thing. I have great memories of the Holidazzle parade as a kid. We were so happy to see lots of other babies out and about, I even ran into a client of mine and her babe.

We ended the evening with roasted chicken {yum} and wrapping presents. I am looking forward to Calvary’s children’s pageant tomorrow, another wonderful Christmas tradition.


Babies make life magical, but especially so during December.

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