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nettle tea for round ligament pain

nettle tea for round ligament pain

Pregnancy is such a journey. As a relatively ache free and healthy person previously to getting pregnant, I've been surprised {and humbled} by all the random and sometimes strange things that are happening to my body. 

One of these things happens to be round ligament pain. You can learn more about it here. To me, it has felt like my lower abdomen is being pulled. 

While normal, my midwife Rebecca suggested I make this herb tea to help manage my pain: 


I love tea, herbs, and anything DIY/homemade so I was game. 

Here's what you'll need {and honestly, this is good enough to make for an herbal, caffeine free iced tea for anytime.} 

•1 pack of mint/a large handful 

•2-3 tablespoons of rose hips

•3 tablespoons of nettle

•3 tablespoons of alfalfa 

I purchased all my herbs at my local co-op, The Wedge. 

I combine everything into a large mason jar, added in hot water, and let it come to room temp on my counter. Then I place it in the fridge overnight and strained the next day. 

It's delicious! I thought it would taste bad, but it's actually decent. I've cut it with LaCroix and that's good. I prefer to drink it over ice. 

I don't know if this tea has an official name, but I started calling it earth tea. As Seth says when he opens up the fridge door and sees it "oh... that's what that is." Ha!* 

Does it work? Yes. I've also found that slowing down, resting, baths, and trying not to over do it helps as well. 

*I've learned that this is called nettle tea :) 

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