I'm documenting my journey to motherhood while sharing my favorites and tips along the way. I'm so glad you're here. 

6 and 7 week bump update

6 and 7 week bump update


I'll be honest that before I started feeling much of any symptoms I felt a little nervous and prayed that my symptoms would be "strong."



Imagine: I just woke up, it's about 7am. I get out of bed, stuffing a cracker into my dry mouth and trying to sip some water. All while trying to allow Seth to sleep. I crunch as quiet as I can.

I thought I felt fine. I walked into the hallway and headed towards the closet to get some dog food for Astro. 

I never made it. Instead I ended up in the front bathroom, throwing up with Astro between my legs, holding him back from eating my vomit, AND peeing my pants. All at the same time.

Story 2--

It was New Year's Day. We got up, made a yummy french toast breakfast, I tried not to throw up, and we sat down to watch a movie. I had been up a total of one maybe two hours. I thought I'd take a nap. I fell asleep.

I woke up FOUR hours later. FOUR!

The day was over. It was almost time to go to bed. I told Seth, "you know, you can wake me up." I slept my entire New Year's Day away. 

Pregnancy is glamorous. 

breakfast and a bump

breakfast and a bump

our first ultrasound, or, meet the Netflix n' Chill baby

our first ultrasound, or, meet the Netflix n' Chill baby