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how we told our parents

how we told our parents

We found out about our babe in early December, the day after Seth's birthday actually, and a few weeks before mine. It was, and will always be the best Christmas gift. 

I think we must have been on top of our game because all of our decor was up already, we had even gone to cut down our own tree. Part of our decorations were these monogrammed stockings I'd found on sale at the end of September: Seth, Katie, and Astro. 

My sweet friend Allison suggested adding a mini stocking, it's a tradition she's carried on when she's expecting during the holidays:


We decided to purchase cards for each grandparent: Seth's mom and dad, my mom and dad, and my stepdad. I found each of them at Target on a busy, snowy afternoon. 


I couldn't wait to tell my mom so I told her over the phone. We then chose to tell my dad in person, we invited him over for dinner and surprised him with the card. His reaction was so cute, "oh wow! oh wow!" I was leaving for NYC on a trip with my mom the next day, and Seth planned on going back to his hometown to tell his parents while I was gone. 

{Dad and Seth talking about dad things I guess-- over our dinner} 

5 week bump update

5 week bump update