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our gender reveal party

our gender reveal party

Initially I never thought I'd want to throw a gender reveal party. I'm not a big fan of pink or blue colored cake, and well, I just didn't assume I'd have the energy to even put one on after my pretty sick first trimester. One evening while chatting on the phone with Seth's cousin, Tracie, who is throwing our shower down in Seth's hometown, I changed my mind: 

She had shared-- from her own experiences-- that sometimes birth and pregnancy do not go as planned (obviously), and that celebrating joyful news now can often be a good idea. I'm so glad she told me this. 

Despite sickness and discomfort my pregnancy has been pretty uneventful until the news about my low lying placenta. It's not a big deal, but it comes with risks, and I am SO happy I planned a small reveal. Because after learning about the complication, I think we needed something really silly and enjoyable. 

My grandma Amelia used to say "celebrate everything," and I couldn't agree more-- life is short, unpredictable, sometimes scary and often times surprising. Celebrate. 

{I am forever grateful to my sweet friend Kimi of Oh! Hello, Photo for capturing these images.} 

We hosted our intimate, family gathering at my studio in Uptown. I had fun decorating with my Letterfolk board, a gift from my wonderful friend Leah. We got lucky at our ultrasound with four profile photos of our babe, enough for us and then each set of grandparents. 


I spent Saturday morning on an emotional high-- running around in the awful weather {snow, ice, and wind-- in APRIL!} putting together the last details. My new restrictions for what I can lift made getting stuff in and up to my studio a little precarious, but I ended up making several trips and planning so I wasn't too overwhelmed. In hindsight, I wish I had asked for help-- the next day I was hurting. 

I chose a few simple pieces of decor, baby's ultrasound photos and a custom garland I purchased on Etsy. 


Of course I had to pick up a dozen of glam doll donuts, just for the fun of it. Glam Doll used to be my weekly stop when I worked at Calvary {the church where my studio is located}. I also have loved purchasing from them for the photography workshops I've hosted. They are the perfect treat, and the entire brand is just so delightful and fun. 


I am so very grateful that we had all of our immediate family available. I am hoping to frame a few of these and give as gifts. They are so precious to me. I didn't even realize until later, but my skirt looks so pink here-- it is actually cream, and I have another that's similar to it, but it's pale turquoise and I knew not to wear that color ;) 

{My stepdad, mom, and us. Seth's parents and us.}


{Seth's aunt, uncle, and cousin were able to make it, too. My sweet mom and I!}


When it came to the big reveal we chose a giant balloon to pop. Dad sent Seth and I a Salon article shaming gender reveal parties, and it included a story about alligator wrestling. Seth was a bit disappointed that no alligators could be found in tundra MN nor permitted in the photo studio, but we made do with our balloon: 


We went around the room and asked everyone for their final guesses. Most everyone guessed boy, but a few people-- both of our dads and my mom, guessed girl. 

A count down and a push pin... 

{Pink everywhere!!!}


It was a surreal and happy moment... I was expecting to cry after my highly emotional morning, but I held it together. What a joy to share with our families the news of a baby girl! 


We've been on a high ever since, really. It truly was the happiest day of my life thus far. I am thrilled to be expecting a little girl. I cannot wait to meet her come August! 

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