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when you have to buy some "mama clothes."

when you have to buy some "mama clothes."

Seth has now started calling everything relating to pregnancy "mama this" or "mama that." 

Maternity clothing is now "mama clothes." 

Everything is mama. 

Since I had had a few good days and had put the two maternity shirts I owned through rotation enough I decided to check out Bellies to Babies, a local consignment shop. 

I picked up my mom on the way because one should shop maternity with their moms I think. It just seems right. 

I was impressed with the amount of clothing they had, and the prices were fair. 

Did you know that maternity clothing is really expensive? People seem to keep getting pregnant thus it doesn't need to go on sale often. ;) 


Our hands full, we made it back to the dressing room. 

"Show me everything you have in there." 

"Oh, let me take a photo and send it to Aunt Ann!" 

"You have to get everything."

See? This is why you take your mom with you. 


I was thrilled to find four shirts, a pair of shorts, and two dresses for a little over $100. 

If you're local I highly recommend Bellies to Babies. They have a text and email reward program, too, and give coupons out often. 

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