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second trimester recap

second trimester recap

Now that I'm approaching the start of my third trimester I REALLY feel like this pregnancy is flying by. We just started attending our birthing class {more on that in another post}, and it's surreal to me that there are other women there whose baby's guess dates are after mine. Everyone told me this would happen, and I'm equal parts anxious for her arrival and also feeling way behind on all that we need "to do." 

All in all my second trimester has been quite smooth and lovely, quite a departure from my first ;)



I've had a really easy, wonderful, seemingly perfect second trimester. My nausea cleared up around 20 weeks, and since then I've only thrown up a handful of times. My headaches have lessened, too, in part because I've been able to discontinue taking Zofran. I've been feeling so well, and for that I am grateful! 

Around 24-25 weeks I started noticing some lower back pain. It comes and goes, and usually seems to flare up when I don't exercise or am sitting in an uncomfortable chair for too long. I finally broke down and made an appointment with a chiropractor. I've been skeptical of chiro care for a long time, but was highly recommended Dr. Kelsey Lloyd over at Traditionally Healthy. She is fantastic, and honestly I feel significantly less achey than I did before starting adjustments. Go see a chiro, I'm a believer now! 

I'm also starting to get more tired than I was earlier-- this started happening around week 25-26. I go to bed about an hour shy than what I used to and sometimes I take an hour nap in the afternoon if I can squeeze it in. So much sleeping makes me feel lazy, but I know I'm growing a person so I'm trying to retrain my mind around feeling bad about sleeping so much. 

I did quite a bit of "nesting" this trimester, which is textbook pregnant lady behavior. I cleaned out and organized all our kitchen cabinets. I went through my clothing. I organized and stored all of the baby items we've collected thus far. It feels so good to have things somewhat organized. We are in the midst of selling and looking for a place to rent {we're thinking we may build} so I haven't been able to set up a nursery, but I've got all of the plans in my head-- and when it's time I can put it together quickly. 

The one exciting "symptom" has been her movement. She is very busy and seems wiggliest right away in the morning and then in the evening. 


I have been craving sugar! Not healthy, obviously, and I try to curb it as best as I can. I'd say my biggest indulgence is Izzy's Salted Caramel ice cream. It's not easy since we live within walking distance of Izzy's! 

I also had the brilliant/foolish idea to figure out how to make homemade lemonade. It is so delicious and I have to really ration myself with it. I love it so much! I told Seth he can't let me buy lemons anymore. 

Thank GOODNESS I passed my gestational diabetes test! 


Nothing, really. Aside from annoying and unhelpful opinions and comments from folks ;) 

New Things I Noticed: 

My belly button now seems to stick out and is visible with some of clothing. Haha! Textbook. I've also noticed that my veins are darker, the ones that wrap around my back and across my belly are especially noticeable. 

Weight Gain: 

Around 15 pounds total, I think. I'm so glad I'm right on track after a sick T1.  

Things I thought I'd miss but didn't:

The ease at which my body used to move. Now I feel like I am working a little bit more to get here and there. I miss the long, carefree summer walks where I didn't need to stop and find a drinking fountain or sit for a minute. I'm looking forward to stroller walks once baby girl makes her debut. We're very close to the river and I adore the walking paths nearby. 

Things I missed but didn't think I would: 

I really miss the summery drinks and cocktails that are on the menus right now. Jesus be a summer cocktail, but not for a pregnant lady. I do appreciate the yummy mocktails some places have! 


Happy! Good! Calm, and generally reassured. I've been feeling really confident about our birth plan, the center we've chosen, and my birth in general. I don't have any fear as of right now, and just am excited about the rest of the summer. I feel like my moodiness and anxiety have stabilized and are much calmer now that I'm not sick everyday ;) I have felt happy and confident. 

What's New:

We started our birth class! We chose Hypnobabies and are going through Anne and Aileen over at Bywater Birth. They are also our doulas so it's nice to have some time to get to know Anne {our instructor} before our birth. I will share more about Hypnobabies in another post once we've been to a few more classes and I've listened to my tracks. Essentially, it's the use of self-hypnosis to aid in a more comfortable birthing process. It came highly recommended by several people in the birth community that I know and my dear friend Marjorie. 

Sweet baby girl has her first bed-- a simple, gorgeous, and handmade basinet from Uganda. I cannot wait to capture it, but it was gifted to us by a dear friend Kate Herzog who owns House of Talents. We placed it by our bed already and that simple act made me tear up {eye rolls!!! #pregnancyhormones}. We don't have a nursery, or a dresser, or anything else up for her, so this simple act makes me feel so happy. She has all she needs, really. 

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