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Tea for Two | My Baby Shower

Tea for Two | My Baby Shower

Yesterday was truly one of the best days of my life, my wonderful friends threw me a positively gorgeous baby shower. Courtney, Jess, and Mara teamed up and hosted a "tea for two" themed party at my mom's home. In perfect fashion it rained for most of the shower, but we were under a tent so it was just fine. Each and every detail was perfectly executed. I am still on a high from how lovely it all was. I am so very grateful and this little girl is incredibly blessed to have so many who love and support her.

{Jess, Mara, me, and Courtney-- the wonderful hostesses!}


Everyone was asked to wear a fun hat, and for those who didn't have one my mom lent out her collection. I love the simple, elegant ring of baby's breath that Mara and her mom Ann made for me. 

The decor was out of this world. The theme was very vintage-y {my favorite}. Little Golden Books, antique linens, and brown paper bag favors decorated the tables. When Courtney, Jess, and Mara took me out to see the tent I almost cried. It was beyond perfect. I wouldn't have changed a detail. 

{A beautiful chair for me to sit on. This is part of my mom's collection and I love using it for shoots. I'm pretty sure that's Mara's cute chalk board. The seat was covered in a handmade baby quilt an aunt made for me right after I was born .} 


{Ooh-ing and aah-ing over the darling chair and the centerpiece set ups!}


The food was out of this world: yellow cake + cream cheese frosting cupcakes and a Momofuku cake made by Courtney, cashew chicken salad on croissants by Mara, cucumber sandwiches my mom has always made for special events {she knows how much I love them!}, fruit salad, and two delicious drinks: pink lemonade and passion iced tea. It was delicious. 


It was so exciting to watch all the guests arrive. So many wonderful, amazing women came-- one by one-- out of the rain and into the tent for the celebration. It was exciting to greet them all, and connect them to one another. I am so glad that Seth's mom could come up. His two aunts and cousins were there as well. We have a shower with their side of the family next week, so it felt extra special to have them at our Minneapolis shower. 


Pat is my mom and stepdad's long-time next door neighbor and like a second grandma to me. She is so, so sweet and kindly lent her beautiful silver tea set a decor for the party. I'm so glad she could make it! 


{Pat's gorgeous tea set that I have admired for many years... it is stunning!} 


Before we ate Courtney gave a beautiful word of prayer and reminded everyone to keep birth stories + breastfeeding stories positive. This was something we were encouraged to articulate in our first Hypnobabies class regarding our showers-- keeping things positive. I am so glad Courtney could convey that. 

After eating our fill {and for me, honestly too much-- I still am feeling full a day later!} it was time to open some gifts. I am so overwhelmed by the generosity of people. Baby girl is so very lucky to have more than what she will ever need. 


It was really and truly the most wonderful day. I cannot believe this little girl will be here in about ten weeks. That is again, so surreal to me. 


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