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getting ready {stroller + carseat edition}

getting ready {stroller + carseat edition}


This photo makes me so happy {don't miss the Astro peek}. 

I've been feeling a little chaotic trying to get ready for this baby and shoot summer sessions before my leave starts on August 1st. 

Last week we checked off a few very exciting items on our "baby to-do." We purchased our carseat and stroller. I didn't realize such a mundane, seemingly meaningless purchase could be so fun for me. Please discontinue reading if this kind of stuff bores you, it would me, but somehow I've been transformed. 

Right after we found out we were expecting we visited Pacifier. The owner kindly walked me through several stroller and car seat options. I knew I wanted the safest carseat we could afford, and a stroller that would see us well through other babes and daily wear and tear. 

We settled on the Uppa Baby Vista-- so many configurations! Seth picked out the color/finish and we were able to take it home with us right away. I've used several strollers as a nanny and I love this particular one for many reasons: the sleep safe bassinet that can face either direction, ample storage space below, easy to fold up/set up, the ability to add on other seats and bassinets, and of course, that our car seat can fit on it, too. It's fancy and I love it! 

Our carseat is the Nuna Pipa, and it's on our way to us, set to arrive around the 20th. We ended up purchasing an extra base, too-- so we'll each have one. What drew me in, besides the high safety ratings, is how lightweight it is. I've carried my share of bucket carseats before and they are beasts. I'm so glad we went with this option. 

We have purchased so few new things for this baby as we've been blessed with tons of hand me downs, gifts, gift cards, and Facebook Marketplace deals. Even our babe's bassinet and crib were gifts. I did want to purchase a brand new carseat + stroller, and am so happy we did. 

We had big plans to set everything up right away, but then decided to watch Mad Men instead.

I came home from a shoot on Sunday to find everything assembled. Thank you, Seth! Seemingly stupid and not a big deal to many others, but huge to me. I hate setting things up. He'd even read through most of the manual and could show me how to use to features... We may or may not have pushed the stroller around our condo. It's a dream. 

Life is good. We're excited for you to arrive, baby! 

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I love my new photo books!

I love my new photo books!

my maternity boudoir session

my maternity boudoir session