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A Mother's Blessing

A Mother's Blessing


My dear friends Leah and Julie from church hosted a lovely Mother's Blessing for me last night. What is a Mother's Blessing? It's a time of prayer and gathering in honor of a mama-to-be. I had never heard of one until Julie hosted a blessing for Leah last year when she was expecting her son. I love the idea and concept so much.

I have been so celebrated with three baby showers, so I felt a little silly accepting Julie and Leah's offer to throw me a blessing, but I'm glad that I said "yes." I have wanted to be a mother my whole life and am grateful for opportunities to celebrate this season of my life.

{My blessing took place at Sarah's gorgeous home... complete with glorious, central AC!} 

Leah, Julie, and Sarah put such care into the party details: the DIY Italian soda bar was perfect. Leah made sure to remind me to eat and try everything... 


{Those who hosted my blessing: Sarah, Leah, and Julie. I love these wonderful women. Sarah is expecting her fourth and is amazing!!!} 


After we mingled and ate a bit, Leah had us stand together in a circle and wrap bracelets around our wrists. We were all connected. During this time there was prayer, and the plan is that once I am in labor I'll text Julie or Leah and they'll let the other women know and everyone will be praying for Seth and I.

I loved the meaning behind this, and knowing that my upcoming labor and delivery process will be prayed over. Leah is so thoughtful, even choosing pale green jadeite beads. My favorite! 


I am so grateful to all who attended. It was the perfect Sunday evening and a great way to kick off week 35 of this pregnancy! 


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I love my new photo books!

I love my new photo books!