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third trimester recap

third trimester recap



My third trimester was been smooth for the most part. I had some more "pregnancy" symptoms: heartburn, acid reflux, lower ligament pain, right side uterine torsion, lots of back pain, and the occasional headache. Thankfully I worked on resting, keeping my feet up, and scaling back on trying to do too much. I noticed Braxtons-Hicks contractions every once in a while. Other than that my pregnancy symptoms weren't bad. 


Ice! I loved ice and couldn't get enough of very cold water and ice. When my mom and I took a short trip to Red Wing {about a week before I had Priscilla}, I kept asking our Air BnB host for ice. 


Nothing really :) 

New Things I Noticed:

I noticed that I was just more tired. Some days I had a usual amount of energy, other days I felt exhausted. I had a harder time getting around and doing my daily work + tasks because sometimes I felt so worn out. 

Weight Gain:

I gained a total of 25-30 pounds give or take the scale. 

Things I thought I'd miss but I didn't:

The burst of energy I had during second trimester. I, in some ways, welcomes the slowness of third trimester. Learning how to slow down was a good lesson for me in preparing for the newborn days. 

Things I miss but didn't think I would:

It's crazy, but I miss that big belly! It's hard to imagine that it was even there! 


I felt great during my third trimester! Occasionally I'd get annoyed due to being tired, but I felt great-- very much like my second trimester. 

What's New:

We put an offer in on a piece of land... we'll see! 

choosing her name

choosing her name

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