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our maternity session

our maternity session

A few weeks ago my sweet friend Jess of Foto Film Studios took some photos of Seth and I. Ah! I have dreamed of our maternity session since I found out we were expecting. To say I am thrilled with these photos is an understatement. Jess did a fantastic job and endured a really humid, hot evening with us at my favorite Northside park. 


Maternity sessions are some of my favorite sessions to capture myself, so it was especially fun to be on the other side of the camera. We brought a few simple, meaningful props, including our babe's first bed. 

This bassinet is from Ghana and was a gift from our dear friend Kate Herzog who owns House of Talents. That pretty, perfectly simple muslin swaddle blanket was given to us by Seth's cousin Melissa. We also included her name, and those images we'll be sharing later :) 


I want to blow this up... I love it so, so much. I keep thinking about how much our girl will enjoy these images as she grows. 


Like I said, it was hot, but we made it through. I was dreaming of a session with wild flowers and I am so glad we found a spot with them. 


A few months ago, while cleaning out my studio closet, I found several Chintz Petit dresses. It feels so surreal to me that I actually have a couple left over that I can put on my daughter in a few short weeks. For years I truly wondered if I would ever be a mother... I am overjoyed at this blessing. We've even chosen a dress for her "going home outfit." 


{Hi, baby! We love you so much}


As I get bigger and more uncomfortable by the day I rest in the goodness and opportunity that is this experience. These images will be cherished forever. 

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