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choosing her name

choosing her name


I know many feel a weight of anxiety when it comes to naming a child. While I didn't feel that, I did think about the importance of a name... it is something you have your entire life, obviously, and of course should be chosen with care. 

Growing up I was always one of at least two other "Katies" in my class and I didn't like that. While I actually love my name, it bothered me that it was so common. When it came to choosing our baby's name my number one rule was "not in the top 100." 

Priscilla isn't a family name, we simply just like it! I love that is has a Biblical connection. I also like that Priscilla is common enough that people have heard of it, but not too popular. It is Roman and means "venerable, ancient, classical, primordial." 

Choosing "Anne" for a middle name felt very natural. I love St. Anne and have several important Ann/Annes in my life. It just felt right. 

Right after Priscilla was born I asked Seth how he wanted to spell "Anne." He said he wanted to add the "e" on the end, and I agreed. It meant a few of her monogramed things had "Ann" on them, but we don't mind. It's just another special part of her birth story. 

Other names we considered and loved {minus a few we may save for later...}: 




Elizabeth {Betty}




Mary Margaret


Priscilla at 5 days old

Priscilla at 5 days old

third trimester recap

third trimester recap