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a cozy weekend

a cozy weekend

Saturday was my due date. 8/18/18. I loved saying that to people when they asked.  

We've had a cozy, quiet, and relaxing weekend at home. I am so grateful. 

Each day I feel more and more like myself, and am getting used to this mamahood gig. 

Priscilla started taking longer naps, and since she's up to her birth weight, I don't need to wake her anymore to feed her at the two hour mark. 


Last night she slept from 9pm-1am out in the living room with Seth. I was able to get a blessed chunk of sleep, but ended up waking at 11pm ready to feed her. I was able to fall back asleep and am so grateful for each pocket of rest I can get. 

Priscilla is two-weeks-old now, and it's incredible to think that she's already been with us that long. A few things I've noticed in the past few days:

•She's more alert for longer periods of time, she opens her eyes more during the day!

•She's a loud, loud sleeper. She's woken me up several times in the night thinking that she needs something, but instead she's just stirring or dreaming or both. 

•She's disliking diaper changes less and less. At first she used to scream when we changed her, but she seems to be getting used to it. Still in newborn size :) 

•We've taken a few walks in our wonderful stroller and she loves them. She also likes her carseat. I feel relieved to have been given a baby who travels well. 


These early days feel so fleeting and wonderful. There are many moments, small and big, that I don't want to forget:

... How Seth and I left the bedroom lamps on during her first night and how Priscilla slept, snuggled in between us. When she woke to eat, Seth leaned in and kissed me on the shoulder as I got her latched on. It was one of the most tender moments of my life.  

... Watching some of my favorite late 90s/early 2000s movies {"Wicker Park!"} at night while she does her big, before bedtime feeding. 

... That she's still small enough to hold with one arm. I know it won't last. 

Two weeks have flown. I know that the "days are long, but the years are short," Lord, don't let me forget to cherish each moment. 


I'm looking forward to more weekends like these... they're the best!

Thursday Morning

Thursday Morning

learning {and loving} baby wearing

learning {and loving} baby wearing