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Friday night is now pizza night

Friday night is now pizza night

Seth has been telling me lately that we need to do Friday night pizza night. 

Who can argue with that?!

We {finally} made it happen.

Here's how I've been helping with dinner if P is awake... I wear her in a Solly wrap. I am finally feeling more confident with how to get her in safely. Whew. 

Note to self: we won't be using gluten free crust mix again.

Since, Seth has ordered us some sourdough starter. Yes! 


{Keeping it real... a happy baby drying rack} 


Isn't that rolling pin awesome? It was Courtney's grandmother's. I just love it. 

We rolled out our dough on cornmeal and baked it right on the stone: 


{Here's mine: tomato sauce, mozzarella, sausage, and basil. Yum.} 


{This wine was the perfect companion} 

Until next week... 

{belated} birthday brunch with god mama

{belated} birthday brunch with god mama

mom's backyard

mom's backyard