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Nursery Tour

Nursery Tour

This post is a little overdue, I was hoping to have Priscilla’s nursery finished long before she arrived, but that just didn’t happen! We had our home on the market and were doing showings up until P’s first week of life, but took it off shortly after. She slept in our room with us for a long time, but soon we realized she needed her own space. We got her room set up and she’s been sleeping mostly in her crib for a few weeks now!

Her room is my favorite, the only downside is that there’s no window— hence no natural light, but it makes a great, dark place for sleeping and for that I am grateful.

Taking photos of a room without natural light? A bit of a challenge, but I can’t help but share my favorite details including our awesome, MIKU monitor!

My goal for this room was to create a peaceful, feminine space. Seth’s parents generously gifted us her crib {I love the classic, iron design!} and my dad gave us that beautiful prayer artwork. Priscilla’s room isn’t huge, just big enough for a dresser, crib, shelf, and cozy arm chair, but it’s perfect for her:


I’ve been eyeing this dresser for a while, and it has great storage space and is the perfect height for a changing table. I simply changed out the top four knobs to give it a little bit more character.

I’ve collected embroidery hoops for a few years and filled them with vintage sheet fabric. I was so happy to find two embroidered Beatrix Potter scenes in a box at my mom’s. I’m hoping to purchase a custom name one from Etsy soon.


The small camera above her bed is our baby monitor— a MIKU. We were gifted this by Seth’s brother and we love it. I’ve never been a big fan of monitors, especially radio ones because they present a security risk. I love that the MIKU is totally secure. There’s a few features that I really, really appreciate: for one, we can view Priscilla sleeping from an app on our phones so we aren’t carrying around anything extra. It keeps track of her movements, breathing, the room’s temp, and humidity. All these features have made sleep training much easier for us. Before I go to bed each night I can have the peace of mind of “checking in on her” by opening up the app quickly. If something were to go wrong, an alarm on both Seth’s and my phones would sound. Unlike other monitors, the MIKU measures her vitals while also being safe— the AAP doesn’t recommend wearable monitors.

Onto more of our tour… These are two of my favorite photos from Priscilla’s fresh 48 session, both were taken by Mara. Her letter board was a gift from my dear friend Maggie. The large collection of Little Golden Books was from my beautiful shower.

These two brown frames came from Seth’s side of the family, I love that baby sampler!

The display box is from my old apartment.

I love the side by side baptism photos, that’s me on the right. We both wore a dress that my mom sewed. Sweet Mara took the family portrait.

The other frames were also from my old place… it was so hard to choose which photos to have printed! The newborn session shot of P and I was done by my friend Jess of Foto Film Studios.

We were gifted so many lovely decorations that I didn’t end up purchasing anything.

The cross was a baptismal gift from Priscilla’s Godfather, Simon.

The globe came from our friend Amanda.

This was a fun craft project that I was excited to do… a little pin board from an old, thrift store frame. After I designed P’s birth announcements, I knew I wanted to display it in her room. I love the photo of all three of us from our gender reveal party, taken by my friend Kimi :)

We don’t have a ton of toys for Priscilla, which I like. We do get a fun box every few months with developmental items from Lovevery, which I cannot recommend enough. I like storing them in old, wooden boxes.

That’s her space! I’m excited to see how it evolves over time. It was a dream come true to create this nursery for her!

on solids!

on solids!

sleep training

sleep training