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our morning routine

our morning routine

I feel like P is at such a sweet age: she’s not mobile yet, but she’s sleeping almost through the night. She is expressive, joyful, and adores taking in the world around her. I love writing these kind of “boring,” posts because I know I’ll soon forget what mornings when Priscilla was eight months old are like:

Here’s a little glimpse into our morning routing:

7-7:30am | Priscilla wakes up. Seth usually hears her first, goes and gets her, and we snuggle-nurse in the big bed for a bit. I sometimes grab a cup of coffee and prop Cilla next to me and scroll through emails and Instagram.


As you can see, Astro joined us. P adores him and loves helping me throw his ball and whenever he comes and sits by us she lights up. They will be best friends before we know it.


8:00 | We’re out in main area, and we’ll play for a little bit until I get breakfast ready. I love these Lovevery toys that come in the mail every few months. They were a gift from my dad and as a result we’ve hardly had to purchase her any toys. I love that they’re mostly educational, Montessori, and made of high quality materials. Right now P is obsessed with this little ice cream teething toy that my dad picked up at Pacifier.


8:30 | Priscilla loves to eat. One of her favorite breakfast foods right now are soft boiled eggs. She’s also a big fan of fruit, whole milk yogurt, and even veggies in the morning. I try to offer her fresh fruit and/or veggies at each meal and so far she likes them :) I’ll drink some tea, eat breakfast, and then kiss Seth good bye when he leaves for work.


Today she tried these 7 grain waffles for the first time and devoured half of one. She’s already a big fan of peanut butter {we did early introduction of both PB and eggs to decrease the chances of her developing an allergy— fingers crossed}.

9:00 | Naptime! Praise the Lord her morning naps have slowly been getting better and better. This nap is anywhere from 45 minutes-1.5 hours. She’s been taking longer ones lately and they’ve been a pleasant surprise. This is usually when I answer emails, work on blog posts, clean, and/or take a shower. I’ve gotten my getting ready routine down to a 20 minute process. I love feeling put together.

Couldn’t mom without my beloved MIKU monitor :)


10:00 | Once P is up I’ll nurse her again then get her dressed and ready for the day. She’s finally big enough for clip in hair bows so I can pin her adorable baby bangs back :) I love coordinating outfits with her and I don’t care what people think, it’s so fun having a daughter!


10:30 | Usually at this time we’ll go do something: playdate, indoor playground, walk, coffee shop. I try to get outdoors every single day with P since we’ve been cooped up all winter long. I love living close to a few cute coffee shops. We love grabbing lunch at the downtown Whole Foods. Today we met my friend Lindsay plus her kids for a walk to a local park.

11:30 | Lunch. P usually gets hungry on the early side. If we’re home I’ll make up a quick lunch for her and eat alongside her while.

And that’s our morning! Our afternoons are much more free flowing, and I love that. I love being at home with my girl, it is a dream come true.

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