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Priscilla at Eight Months

Priscilla at Eight Months

I cannot believe my baby is eight months old {most basic mom comment, ha!}.

Our days fly by and are filled with fun things like MOPs, trips to the zoo, visiting grandparents, and quiet afternoons at home. I love that it’s finally spring in Minneapolis.

At eight months she is a true joy with so much intensity woven into her personality:

She loves | Pretty much all foods, and when it’s time to eat a meal {and she eats three square meals a day plus a snack or two, and yes— she’s still nursing} she does this excited scream-grunt and clenches her firsts. It is hysterical.

We’ve been spending more time outdoors because of the weather, and she adores walks of all kinds and just being outside. I make a point to get some fresh air with her everyday. I cannot wait for summer when we can be outside even more. We live close to a cute park and I think we’ll be regulars there. I plan to get a little sensory table for our patio, and we already have sidewalk chalk.

She’s babbling a ton. I think she might be an early talker. Once she learns I don’t think she’s going to stop ;)

She detests | When I walk out of the room, still fighting separation anxiety here but I think she’s almost grown out of it.


What’s new | She has two bottom teeth, and a third working its way through. She’s also thisclose to sitting up on her own. I’d say overall she’s become so expressive. I love interacting with her. She is a people person and loves to be busy!

P is {knock on wood} sleeping through the night. She does get up sometimes once and I don’t mind. I’m still nursing a bit at night if she does get up. I have plans to night wean her soon. We feel incredible with all the decent rest we’re getting, thank you Jesus!


{This cute blanket was Seth’s baby quilt! His mom’s co-worker made it for him. Isn’t it beautiful!?}


{Priscilla's onesie is from Swanky Shank on Etsy & dolly sewn by God mama Courtney}

I have some exciting news to share soon {nope, not baby #2 yet}, but it does have to do with Priscilla and I am thrilled to share it when the perfect moment arises. Stay tuned :)


Just feeling so grateful these days to be Priscilla’s mom. I don’t take a moment for granted. I am soaking it all up!

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